Astrological Signs as Different Isa Grutman Jewelry

Astrological Signs as Different Isa Grutman Jewelry

There’s nothing better than finding a piece of jewelry that suits your style and your personality. That’s why I came up with this helpful guide matching Isa Grutman jewelry to each astrological sign.


Capricorn is known as the sign of practicality and reliability. They enjoy the classics and the finer things in life making the Marquis Diamond Studs their perfect match. The simple elegance of the earrings aligns with Capricorn’s nature. 


Aquarius prides themselves on being creative and unique individuals and adding the Emerald Ear Cuff with Chain Loop to their ear stack is the perfect finishing touch. The green pop from the emerald is a fun touch suitable for Aquarius who loves the unexpected.  


The Double Band Diamond Ring is a great match for imaginative Pisces. The double band evokes celestial bodies which match Pisces spiritual nature. Additionally, like Cancer, Pisces is a water sign making them very easily moved by emotion and fitting to the teardrop diamond.



The Marquis Lariat Necklace is the perfect piece for delicate but daring Aries. The fun twist on a classic suits Aries’ adventurous nature. Additionally, with diamond being their birthstone, the dual diamonds couldn’t be a better fit for dynamic Aries. 



What better to suit Taurus’ grounded nature than our Double Chain Anklet? Not only is it close to the earth, as Taurus often enjoys to be, it also features the Taurus birthstone, emerald. 



Some may call Gemini two-faced when in reality they’re simply complex and clever, just like these Diamond Chain Earrings. The classic diamond stud paired with the edgy chain detail make these earrings suitable for any occasion similar to Gemini’s adaptive nature. 




These Double Drop Studs add a darling twist to a classic stud. Being a water sign the teardrop dangle suits emotional Cancer, while the quintessential stud evokes their loyal nature. 



Leo loves to be the center of attention in any room they walk into and there's no better way to command a room than with our Large Thin Hoops. Leo’s confidant, charming nature will pop with these face framing earrings.




Virgo’s humble and practical nature may steer them away from some bling making the Mini Huggie Hoops their go to piece. These earrings are a perfect everyday staple for Virgo who enjoys being subtle.


Our Pink Sapphire Heart Necklace couldn’t be a better fit for flirty and charming Libra. Similarly to Libras, the pink sapphire represents love, truth, and feminine power, making them a match made in heaven. 



Scorpio is known for their powerful presence, making the Huggie with Diamond Drop Chain the perfect way to elevate their look without competing. Scorpio tends to be pragmatic, meaning that they’re unlikely to be swayed by trends, instead opting for classic beauty, like this earring.



Fun-loving and adventurous, Sagittarius is sure to rock our Belly Chain. The daring nature of this piece suits Sagittarius, as a self-assured, open-minded fire sign. 

Regardless of what pieces call to you, Isa Grutman hopes you feel beautiful and comfortable in the jewelry you wear.

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