My Husband Surprised Me With a Billboard in Time Square

My Husband Surprised Me With a Billboard in Time Square

While I was in New York City this weekend I was given the surprise of a lifetime… A huge billboard in Times Square. To say I was hysterical was the least. 

After dinner, my husband Dave told me he had never been to Times Square. He suggested we go walk around and check it out. I thought this was a little bit weird but of course I was along for the ride. He asked me to take a couple of photos of him, then we stopped to get doughnuts at Krispy Kreme and were waiting in a long line. Little did I know it was him trying to buy time. After 10 minutes of waiting, he decided we didn’t need them anymore and abruptly walked out of the store. 

I personally felt like he was still acting a little bit strange. My initial thought was a proposal but we have been married almost 7 years already so I knew that couldn't be it. Entirely unaware that this was all a part of the big plan, he then proceeded to tell me he was going to call an Uber home.As we were waiting for our so-called “Uber”, he told me to look up…

IT WAS A GIANT BILLBOARD in the middle of Times Square in New York City. I instantly burst into tears. I was filled with so much love and excitement. I have worked so hard on this brand and to see it lit up on display for the world was beyond rewarding and uplifting.

It truly was the surprise of a lifetime and a dream come true.

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