Get to Know the CEO

Get to Know the CEO

Welcome to ISA GRUTMAN JEWELRY! We are so excited to bring you on our golden journey and take you inside all things ISA GRUTMAN, lifestyle, and creator Isabela Grutman’s personal world. ISA’s editorial will be candid, real and where we will share tips, tricks, advice and inspiration on fashion and life. We want ISA followers and customers to feel a part of the brand because they truly are. 

ISA GRUTMAN is founded by international model, global philanthropist, style influencer, entrepreneur and Mother, Isabela Grutman. Isabela was born and raised in Belo Horizante, Brazil. She currently resides in Miami, Florida where she lives with her two daughters and husband Dave Grutman. Some of her favorite hobbies include traveling, working out and playing tennis. When Isabela isn’t working on her modeling career or personal brands she enjoys going to the beach and eating out at her favorite restaurants with her friends and family. 

Isabela has always been influenced by nature and life around her. She loves to express herself through her unique personal style. Her friends and family always lean on her for advice about jewelry and fashion, both being a part of the reason she created brands of her own. Isabela has always aspired to expand her trusted style sense to individuals outside of her personal reach thus creating ISA and Rangel.

ISA GRUTMAN jewelry is designed and created for individuals to wear on any occasion. Whether you are spending the night in or on the town, Isabela desired to create a brand that allowed people to feel beautiful, stylish and elegant. This jewelry line is filled with timeless pieces that you’ll wear over and over again.  

Isabela hopes you will continue to follow ISA’s editorial journey as she navigates a new experience bringing her jewelry designs to life while continuing to share many other candid, honest articles with her loyal audience. 

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