How To Stack the Perfect Ear

How To Stack the Perfect Ear

ISA GRUTMAN JEWELRY has the perfect pieces to style a show stopping ear stack that will get eyes to turn. Here are a few simple steps we recommend. Disclaimer depending on how many ear piercings you have that will vary from person to person.

Step One: We suggest purchasing a mixture of both easy and bold earrings to start with.

Step Two: What people often find to be the most difficult part is figuring out the placement of where each earring should go. Usually rule of thumb but obviously to each their own, place the largest size hoop in the first hole on the earlobe. In this case, Large Thin Hoops would go first. 

Step Three: Gradually elevate the stack with either the Double Drop Studs or Mini Huggie Hoops in your second hole. If you have a third earlobe hole we would recommend the classic Mini Diamond Studs. These 3 pieces can be interchanged between where they are placed or swapped around for personal preference. 

Step Four: Finish it off with adding a crucial earring, the Emerald Ear Cuff with Chain. The tiny loop at end of chain can be attached behind the ear onto post of a separate earring from Step 3.

Finally: Snap some pictures, hit the town or simply enjoy it for yourself! We can confirm that your ear stack just received a major upgrade. 

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